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Once you POP you cannot stop!! / Working as a video producer for Pringles.

Updated: Jun 23

Did you know that Pringles is owned by KELLOGG?

Back in 2012 Kellogg purchased Pringles from the P&G group. Since we have been the preferred video production company partnering with Kellogg Europe the Pringles brand was added to our portfolio of department that looked to us to provide them with video production services.

At the beginning of 2019, Pringles launched a great new variant to the ever popular Pringles brand. RICE FUSION. We were asked to produce an animated infographics explainer video to show to the internal European Kelloggs team. This would be used to bring awareness and excitement around the brand.

We finished the animation within a week and delivered it to the Pringles team in Geneva. All this was don't from the comfort of our offices in Northern Ireland. For this sort of work location is not important and the team in Geneva favoured the relationship we had build up over the last number of years.

Not only was the video shown throughout Europe, it is also being showcased to the Kellogg CEO at the Global Management meeting in March 2019.

Other departments have contacted us within Kellogg to create something similar for them in the next number of months.

The sample above is just a few clips cut together from the full video. Video Production Company based just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. Covering the UK & Ireland, Europe.. in fact anywhere really. Video Production Belfast Northern Ireland and Sound Recordist Belfast Northern Ireland.

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