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  • Aaron Lilburn

A Bit of Green

Greenscreen filming is a familiar technique utilized in Hollywood movies and corporate videos worldwide. I employ greenscreen selectively, such as when recently assisting a client with filming a series of training tutorials for her website. Each tutorial covered a distinct topic necessitating a different visual backdrop. Due to budget constraints, all filming had to take place in a single location, which led me to shoot at the client's home and utilize greenscreen to tailor the background for each video. This approach allowed for complete control over the filming environment and facilitated changing the virtual backdrop for each segment. The filming process was successful, and following post-production, the client was highly satisfied with the final results. The set of 50 short videos was subsequently used for the launch of her online training venture.

The greenscreen setup was straightforward, utilizing a lasolite greenscreen portable backdrop. Due to the lengthy script, I employed an autocue system. A Schoppes Cmit 5u shotgun microphone was positioned above the subject using a C Stand, resulting in excellent sound recording quality. The overcast weather outside proved beneficial as it maintained consistent ambient levels, facilitating the greenscreen post-production editing. For editing, I primarily use Sony Vegas Pro but rely on BorisFX Continuum plugins for greenscreen removal due to their superior control compared to the built-in Vegas Pro plugins.

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