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Updated: Jun 27

I recently was contacted by a wedding videographer who had an issue with the audio on the wedding speeches he had recently filmed. He reached out to see if I could try and help him as he had tried everything he could do. The Wedding party was using the hotels handheld radio microphone and sound system for the speeches and the videographer couldn't plug into the sound system as it just wasn't possible. So he had to place a microphone close to one of the hotels speakers to capture the audio, but one of the issues was the microphone was just a little too loud and was feedbacking into the microphone. He did want he could but when he returned to edit the video he realised that the speech was difficult to understand at times due to the clarity of the recording.

He passed the audio files to me and I passed it through the latest izotope RX11 audio restoration software and was able to de-reverb the initial signal then use the software to remove hiss from the sound system and apply a EQ filter to bring back some clarity in the speeches. He was very impressed with the results and he knew the Bride and Groom would appreciate the efforts he went to, to fix this problem.

Have a listen to this short before and after clip. There was only so much I could push the software before the voices would become robotic. Video Production Company Belfast Northern Ireland
izotope Restoration software used by Video Production Belfast Northern Ireland. Sound Recordist Belfast Northern Ireland. Sound Recordist Belfast Northern Ireland. Video Production Belfast Northern Ireland.

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