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Providing Everything You Need in Video and Sound Production in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Take a look below at the range of services I provide.

For over 30 years, I have been passionate about creating videos and have had the opportunity to work with many amazing clients around the world. Our portfolio is huge and I have worked on everything from TV Documentaries to Corporate Promotional videos. Check out the recruitment video I recently produced for Kellogg's. Video Production Belfast Northern Ireland Shooting PD. DOP Belfast.

For over 30 years I have been recording sound for Television programs and Corporate videos. This has taken me around the world and worked for many great companies and broadcasters. One thing I hear a lot now is that people feel confident in hiring me because of my many years of experience. This means I have came across many situations which my knowledge in capturing audio and working with a vast array of people has proved invaluable. 

As a video production specialist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I focus is on creating Electronic Press Kits (EPK) and behind-the-scenes footage. I have a passion for capturing the "Making Of" films and TV productions, and have recently with the BBC and Britbox USA. I film cast and production interviews, as well as behind-the-scenes location footage. My ability to blend into the background while still capturing all the key moments has impressed many of my clients.

Over the years, I have created numerous green screen videos that have proven to be successful and beneficial for clients who require a specific background that is either too costly or impractical film on location. As an example, I have produced series for a client in Northern Ireland. You can watch the before and after production to see the results. Check out our video production services in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Having gained 30 years of experience in sound recording and mixing, I have acquired numerous tips and tricks for fixing and processing audio. While it is ideal to record the best audio at the source, certain projects may present challenges. In some cases, I have been given sound files that I did not record, but I still had to incorporate them into the project. This is where my experience and utilization of audio restoration tools came in handy, allowing me to restore the sound and make it suitable for the final product.

I have been using drones for many years as extra tool in my video toolkit. These are small drones with a great resolution which allows me to get stunning aerial shots that will bring your video to another level. I have all the relevant CAA licenses and insurances to give you peace of mind when I launch the drone into the air to bring something special to your video.

Video Production Company Belfast Northern Ireland

One of my specialities has been filming conferences and events for many years. The footage is used for post event social media content of the presentations are shared or archived for future use. I also love filming behind the scenes footage at events which at times I edit live during the event so the client can playback the highlights to close the conference off or its used the a few days later on social media to promote the event and raise awareness for the next conference/event.

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