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  • Aaron Lilburn

Looking for great sound

I have been recording sound for TV and Corporate Videos in Northern Ireland and around the world for over 30 years. I have noticed trends in this industry. When I started off at the age of 20 There was a limited number of skilled sound recordists on my country and I got into the business through word of mouth. My big break came when I was recommended to the BBC and started recording sound for some of their local productions. Then over the years I noticed that production companies and local broadcasters embarked on a cost saving venture due to budget constraints and sound recordists were slowly resigned to the side-lines. Because of this I was forced rethink my career and reinvent myself. I started to learn editing and also camerawork so I could continue to work and stay employed in the industry. Roll on 30 years and I see production companies and broadcasters crying out for skilled sound recordists but they are hard to find and their have not been the opportunities for those skills to be steered into long term careers. I have dusted off my sound equipment recently and have been used by a number of local production companies to record sound for a number of television programs. Below is a short showreel of some recent work.

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