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  • Aaron Lilburn

A DOP is worth his/her weight in gold.

We have been working with Kellogg's Europe for over 13 years and in December 2021 our team at headed down to Dublin to the European headquarters to film a video called OGSM. It's a communication video that shares the years business strategies with the European business. My DOP Paul Littler came with me and we had a great day filming interviews. As the editor, he made my job so easy as we 'lit' every single interview. Not with just a panel light but we had the time to shape the lighting for each scene. Even the big red 'K' got a splash of light. This is why I use an experiences lighting cameraperson as it made the edit and grade so easy and the end results were amazing.

We used a combination of Litepanels Astras x3 and x6 lights and a few Dedolight led DHL4's to focus the light etc... We filmed with a Sony FS7 is a Belfast based Video Production Company in Northern Ireland.

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